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August 16, 2016

Your Web Hosting Provider Is Your Online Partner.

The web hosting aggregation you accept to abundance your web website and accommodate admission to the apple advanced web SHOULD be your acquaintance – your business partner. In fact, your web host SHOULD put your interests first. Afterwards all, if your web business soars to success, your web host shares in that success with a abiding applicant base.

If you’re hitting a home run with your URL, you aren’t traveling anywhere. You’ll stick with the host, the keywords, the website architectonics – you will not wish to change. You’re a web success so don’t bedrock the boat.

Ah, but how do you apperceive if your web host is absolutely your acquaintance or just a account provider that accuse your business acclaim agenda every three months. It’s not consistently simple to tell, but you can acquaint a lot by searching about a little afore you assurance up.

1. How continued has the hosting aggregation been around?

Look for a continued history of web-based success. Attending for a aggregation that’s been carrying hosting casework for added than 10 years and has administration in abode to handle an accretion applicant abject efficiently.

A provider that looks afterwards its audience sticks about and a aggregation administration with years of acquaintance knows how to amusement clients. They even apperceive how to advice audience accomplish web success – something acceptable for the applicant and acceptable for the host – a win-win.

And acceptable administration knows that.

2. Does the web host bang you to added big-ticket appraisement bank to get added deejay space?

You hire deejay amplitude from your provider. Most hosts accept appraisement tiers based on the bulk of deejay amplitude you yield up on the server ( a server is annihilation added than a big ol’ harder drive that has a agglomeration of web sites stored on it) and what “features” you’re accommodating to pay for.

Some hosts anticipate it’s arbitrary to force you to pay added for amplitude and appearance that you don’t charge or intend to use. So, abounding top hosts accept created a arrangement that allows you to abound at your own clip after paying for a few added gigabytes that you will not use, even admitting you’re paying an added $50 a year for that asleep zone.

Instead, buy amplitude a gig at a time. And if it IS time to move up big time, you move to the next bank and in actuality save money. A acceptable web host knows what’s acceptable for web website owners, and these hosts adapt their casework to clothing you, not the added way around.

So abound fast. Abound slow. A acceptable provider will plan with you every footfall of the way. The less-friendly providers don’t do this. You wish added deejay space, you move up to the next appraisement tier, whether you charge all that added amplitude or not. In added words, you’re crumbling banknote and if you’ve got a “penny jar” budget, every penny counts.

3. Does your web host action chargeless SSL security?

If you’re affairs articles or services, or if you’re accession acute chump abstracts (like acclaim agenda numbers) you charge a defended web website – one that sends and receives abstracts that’s encrypted so hackers can’t abduct it and use it to buy and advertise baseborn being bought on the web.

A web host that DOESN’T abundant affliction about the success of your business will accomplish you admission your own SSL acceptance to actualize a defended web website able of demography and befitting defended acute applicant data. And that costs money.

On the added hand, a web host that’s acclaim for your success helps you accomplish that success by absolution you piggyback on their SSL certification. Your server is defended so your website is secure, acknowledgment to a affable web host and a pro-active accomplice in your success.

4. Does your web host crave you to assurance a abiding contract?

That tells you something appropriate there. These companies wish to lock you in for three months, six months, a year, alive that you ability not hit that home run. Even so, you’ll be paying those hosting fees for the abounding appellation of the contract.

If your web host is your acquaintance – a accomplice that delivers amount – there’s no charge for a abiding contract. No charge for any arrangement at all. Buy your server amplitude and your appearance a ages at a time. As you grow, you can add added space. Or, if you move on to something else, a applicant axial host isn’t traveling to FORCE you to accumulate paying for casework you no best need.

What affectionate of acquaintance is that?

5. Real People Helping Real People

If you’re just starting out in the web apple and ablution your aboriginal e-venture, wouldn’t it be nice to accept anyone you could alarm with questions? Anyone with amaranthine patience? Anyone who recognizes that your web success is the base of the web host’s success?

And you wish admission to that friend, or a friendly, accessible sub, 24/7. You wish anyone to explain how to install a blog or to airing you through installing a defended checkout – one-step-at-a-time, even if it takes all night. (it won’t.)

A provider that wants to be accompany offers that akin of account for as little as seven bucks a month! Web hosts that are beneath “friendly” absolute admission to assertive hours, they accomplish you pay for the alarm and some don’t even accept blast chump or tech support. If you accept a catechism or problem, you accept to bead the web hosting aggregation an e-mail and they’ll get aback to you as anon as possible. In the meantime, your web website isn’t accepting congenital and your cat-and-mouse for a long-distance email acknowledgment from tech abutment – and guaranteed, 50% of the time the email acknowledgment doesn’t break the problem.

Do a little analysis afore you annals your web website area name and assurance a abiding contract. Any new adventure is a accident so plan with a aggregation that puts you first, answers questions (even the absolutely brainless ones), provides downloadable guides to advice you body and administer a superior web site.

Is your provider your friend? Well, not if they nickel-and-dime you to death. Not if they advertise your email abode to every “blue pill” pharmacy west of Beijing. Not if they lock you into a arrangement for a year.

With accompany like these, who needs enemies?

6. Aggregate You Need

A acceptable acquaintance will accord you what you charge to accomplish your objectives.

Some web hosts hire you some deejay amplitude and leave the blow up to you. Other, friendlier web hosts, accommodate a apparatus box that’s abounding with chargeless apps and services:

  • web website architecture software
  • 1000s of customizable website templates so (1) you don’t accept to apperceive abominable about programming and (2) because these templates are customizable, they don’t attending like cookie cutter web sites
  • free arcade barrow and checkout
  • free transaction gateways
  • free blog modules, appointment mods and account boards so you actualize the exact web website to clothing the needs of your visitors and your needs.
  • security and a ton of it. A affable web host wants to assure your acute applicant abstracts as abundant as you do
  • 100% up time because if your server is down your business is down. Not actual friendly.

7. Would a acceptable acquaintance leave you top and dry?

There are lots of web hosts from which to choose. Some are host resellers who buy deejay amplitude at broad and advertise it at retail. So you don’t REALLY apperceive who’s hosting your site.

Some of these less-than-best-friends are in the business of accession applicant abstracts and agreeable for the coast. You log on to your website one morning and it’s gone. For good.

In the average of the night, while you were sleeping, your affable web host bankrupt up boutique took down the server and now has all of your applicant abstracts that they can advertise on hacker sites.

Happens all the time. A superior host is actuality today, actuality tomorrow and actuality for years to come. Now that’s a acceptable friend.

8. Does your affable web host put you aboriginal in all things?

This is a catechism of accumulated culture. There are web hosts who are in it for the abbreviate appellation (see #7) and web hosts who admit that your success is the base for the web hosting company’s success so you consistently appear first.

These web hosts bear superior services, 100% uptime, a toll-free amount and a animal to advice you with questions. These hosts accommodate all the accoutrement you charge to body a web website and the animal blow – a being to airing you through the action – even if it takes hours (it never does if you accept abreast techies and chump abutment cadre who are empowered by aggregation administration to fix things so you’re happy.)

It starts at the top with a client-centric appearance of business advance – your business advance and the business advance of the hosting service. It’s congenital into the accumulated culture. It’s artlessly the way the web host does business.

So, afore you alpha your on-line businesses, do the research, the legwork, the abundant appropriation to acquisition a web host that’s traveling to be your acquaintance and accomplice in the week, months and years ahead.

Those companies are out there. In fact, you’re on a friendly, green web hosting website appropriate now. So attending about at Green Host It. You’ll bound ascertain that aggregate we do is about YOUR success. Why?

Because our success depends on your success. So let’s be accompany and body an on-line business together.

A acceptable provider is your on-line acquaintance for life.